Body Armour

Syringe protection - all Fortis body armour has a high level of resistance to syringes

Spike protection (SP) - Fortis body armour is certified to Home Office spike resistance standards (screw drivers, chisels and other improvised weapons). Many suppliers only offer knife resistance

Knife resistance (KR) - Knife resistance relates to edged weapons such as knives and axes. Fortis armour is certified to either KR1 or KR2
KR1 & SP1 - level of protection the Home office recommends for general police duties
KR2 & SP2 - level of protection the home office recommends for high risk scenarios e.g. armed patrol, prisoner escorts

Ballistic (bullet) body armour standards
HG1 - low handgun - short barrelled handguns
HG2 - high handgun / carbine - long barrelled handguns, 9mm carbines, submachine guns

Please enquire for RF1 (rifle) and SG1 (shotgun) protection

Designed for use in any environment - All Fortis body armour retains all protection levels when wet and when exposed to UV light

High quality accredited garment – Home Office accreditation, CE certificate CE08DC1532, PPE directive 89/686/EEC, BS 7971, EN340 and manufactured in a UK factory to ISO 9001 standards

*Guards over 6’ 1" should order a tall fitting vest
** Regular vests are unisex unless the guard is greater than a C cup, then order a female fitting

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