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Westfield Uniform

Stratford Site:
Managers - Charcoal Suit, White Disley Shirt, Red/Blue Striped Tie
Intelligence Officer - Navy Suit, White Disley Shirt, Red/Blue Striped Tie
Officers - Black Trousers, White Pilot Shirt, Utility Belt
Dog Handlers - Black Combats, Boots, Utility Belt, Jumper

White City Site:
Managers - Black Suit, White Disley Shirt
Officers - Charcoal Suit, White Disley Shirt
Services - Black Combats, Boots, White Disley Shirt

Uniform here is to supplement your official issue if required.
Officers buying uniform here will not be reimbursed by their employers for doing so.
For branded Westfield items / uniform renewal / uniform replacement please contact your Securitas uniform administrator.

Leather Belt from £5.95 GBP
Ladies Fly-Front Shirt from £9.95 GBP
Ladies Pilot Shirt from £9.95 GBP
Safety Shoe £29.95 GBP
Classic Jumper from £12.45 GBP
Utility Belt £5.95 GBP
Woolly Gloves £4.95 GBP
Safety Boot £49.95 GBP
Suit Jacket - Blue Label from £39.95 GBP